Turenne PharMedCo approved to provide COVID-19 vaccine

To support long-term healthcare, Turenne PharMedCo has become a COVID-19 vaccine provider. This virus has been devastating for long-term healthcare facilities in our nation and we are committed to stopping its spread and protecting vulnerable populations. The vaccine is the latest tool in slowing down the virus and its threat to facilities.

“As COVID-related guidance and restrictions continue to evolve, we always want to provide the information and services needed to care for residents,” said Sarah Barker, PharMedCo’s vice president of pharmacy services.

PharMedCo has worked for several months to become a provider through the Federal Long Term Care Pharmacy Program. Vaccination clinics are now available for long-term healthcare customers in Alabama and Tennessee. As this service continues, we are closely monitoring all areas of our supply chains and developing plans to help vaccinate as many people as possible.

Residents and staff

PharMedCo has trained, immunization-certified pharmacists and nurses to administer the vaccines. During the on-site clinics, our pharmacists and nurses will vaccinate your residents and staff to help continue the fight against COVID-19. Click here to learn more about our vaccination service in Alabama and to complete a vaccine clinic request form. For convenience, a consent form for vaccine recipients and vaccine fact sheets from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are also available for download on our website. To request a clinic in Tennessee, call 1-866-710-7626.

Nursing home cases down

The nationwide surge in COVID-19 cases, as well as the spread of variants during the winter, have emphasized the importance of vaccinating long-term care residents and workers. According to the National Healthcare Safety Network, there were a reported 34,581 confirmed cases among nursing home residents and 7,031deaths just for the week ending December 20, 2020. This includes 902 cases and 105 deaths among Alabama residents as well as 969 cases and 140 deaths in Tennessee facilities.

The emergency use authorization and widening distribution of vaccines have coincided with a dramatic drop in COVID-19 cases and deaths in nursing homes. Nationwide, for the week ending March 21, there were 828 cases and 843 deaths reported. In Alabama, there were six cases and three deaths among residents. Respectively, Tennessee facilities reported 21 cases and nine deaths.  

“Vaccination clinics for residents and staff are so important to keeping up the momentum against COVID,” Barker said. “Lives depend on cutting this virus off from opportunities to spread.”