Electronic Healthcare Integration

Electronic health records

With over a decade of experience working with eMAR/EHR systems, we are fully interfaced with all of the leading providers, including:

Web connect

With WebConnect® you can view, edit and print resident-specific medication information, print real-time MARs, electronically submit reorders, check medication pricing, automate med destruction, and print refill reports, forms, and delivery sheets. You can also check for food and drug interactions and check the delivery status of a medication. 

  • Access Patient Data
  • Improve Resident Care
  • Protect Resident Privacy
  • Improve Efficiency


We are a DocuTrack-certified pharmacy offering improved clinical work-flow to the team that handles your medication needs. This management system improves our ability to serve you and your residents, improving responsiveness, accuracy, and security.

  • Greater Reliability & Accuracy
  • Faster Order Processing
  • Fewer Follow-up Calls
  • On-time Deliveries
  • Higher Levels of Security


We utilize STATPack technology to replace traditional stat boxes in long term care facilities. In addition to supporting rapid initiation of first dose and emergency medications, the system offers extensive reports to manage your care and is directly tied to your pharmacy, so medical records are automatically updated. 

  • Enhanced Patient Care and Outcomes
  • Reduced Risk of Readmissions
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance