Reduce costs and save time while ensuring your residents have the medications they need.

When your residents are in need of vital medications after-hours or on weekends, you must have the ability to respond quickly and ensure their wellbeing. STATPack is an automated dispensing solution directly connected to our pharmacy. It gives skilled nursing care providers quick medication access that also strengthens safety. You can securely manage medication inventory and dispensing, reduce errors, deter diversion, and lower costs.

reduce costs

STATPack may be available at no additional cost to your facility.
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Unit-dose packaging reduces costs for your facility and your residents.

save time

Immediate access to needed medication.

Increased access to first dose and emergency medications.

Customizable formulary with up to 90 medications or more.


Control access and decrease diversion.

Increased security of controlled medications and controlled substances.

Usage tracking and witness requirements.

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