COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Turenne PharMedCo is excited to announce we are now approved and ready to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to our customer facilities that have not yet received them. Due to the very limited supply made available to us, we will be dividing the state into four regions, conducting vaccine clinics in each region monthly based on availability. See the region map to determine in which region your facility falls.

If you would like us to conduct a vaccine clinic in your facility, please fill out the following information. Note: all follow-up scheduling and information will be conducted through the contact listed on this form at the email address provided.

COVID-19 Fact Sheets

For more information on the vaccine, the following links to the FDA website are provided.

Region Map

Due to limited availability, vaccine clinics will be scheduled by region as shown above. 


Each individual expecting to receive a vaccine must complete a consent form. You can download the form here and make as many copies as needed.