Turenne PharMedCo supports mask requirement in Alabama

MONTGOMERY, AL. (July 15, 2020) — As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across our nation, in Alabama, Gov. Kay Ivey said the number of reported cases continues to go “in the wrong direction.” According to Ivey, more action is required to reduce the virus’ spread and avoid overwhelming already stretched critical healthcare resources. The statewide mask requirement added to the governor’s “Safer at Home” health order today is aimed at slowing down the rate of new infections.

Turenne PharMedCo Medical Supply Services supports Gov. Ivey’s decision and hopes this action helps keep more Alabamians safe from COVID-19. Turenne PharMedCo has already been working to provide more access to products, such as face masks, gloves, and sanitizers, in the state. More demand and global supply interruptions have made it increasingly difficult to find legitimate and reasonably-priced sources for infection prevention products.

Earlier this year, Alabama Lt. Gov. Will Ainsworth called on the state’s medical supply distributors to lend a hand. Turenne PharMedCo was among the first to answer this call and decided to provide unprecedented access to about 20 infection prevention supplies, including face masks and face shields, for sale to Alabama businesses and organizations.

For more than 25 years, the company has exclusively served healthcare providers such as nursing homes, hospice agencies, and assisted living facilities. The dire situation in Alabama motivated extending access to its products to non-healthcare businesses.

“These are challenging times that call for us all to do more to protect ourselves and others,” said Craig Miller, vice president of Turenne PharMedCo. “People can have no symptoms and unwittingly spread this virus to others through something as simple as a conversation. A mask requirement is a positive step in getting cases to go in the right direction – down.”

To learn more about Turenne PharMedCo’s available hygiene and infection prevention products, click here or contact Greg Friesen at greg.friesen@pmcoteam.com or 1-866-710-7626.