TRIAGe 365™

Achieve your top performance incentive! We can help you reduce rehospitalization and provide better care through early identification of medication irregularities.

Get earlier drug regimen recommendations that can improve safety and your residents’ quality of life. Triage 365 helps you review more residents’ medication records and identify potential problems in less time. Medication records are electronically connected to our pharmacy and continuously reviewed, helping you know what your residents need and stay in compliance.


Pharmacy-led Review for New Admissions (Including Short-Stay)

Section N Compliance with No Additional Forms

Clinical Recommendations


Compliance with CMS Requirements
Quality Reporting Program (QRP)
Value Based Purchasing (VBP)
Medication Regimen Review
Psychotropic Medication Review
Antibiotic Stewardship


Reduce Rehospitalizations
Reduce Unnecessary Medication Use
Provide Better Care
Provide More Affordable Care
Ensure A Healthy Community

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