Consulting & Compliance Resources

consulting team

We provide the highest level of consulting services in the industry. Your consulting team – including your consultant pharmacist together with your quality assurance coordinator – visits your facility regularly. We routinely observe medication pass so your staff becomes accustomed to being watched and evaluated, and we review nursing documentation to ensure compliance. we are committed to helping you maintain and improve the quality of care you provide.

  • Dedicated Consulting Team (Consultant Pharmacist and Quality Assurance Coordinator)
  • Thorough Monthly Med Pass Observation
  • Drug Regimen Review
  • Medication Storage Assessment
  • Medication Pass and Operations In-Services
  • Drug/Disease Specific In-Services

triage 365™

Triage 365 is PharMedCo’s continuous medication management process to help you reduce rehospitalization and provide better care through early identification of medication irregularities.

  • Reduce Rehospitalizations
  • Reduce Unnecessary Drug Use
  • Compliance with CMS Requirements

survey support

Turenne PharMedCo’s Survey Support is unmatched by any other provider. Our teams help get your staff survey-ready all year long. Then we provide personal on-site support while the survey is in progress. We’re there as long as you need us!

quality assurance

We believe in quality and want to be a part of your Quality Assurance Program. We will provide you with performance improvement data and graphs, and one of our team members will attend your facility’s QA meetings upon request.

  • Drug Utilization and Quality Assurance Reports & Graphs
  • Routine Attendance at Facility Quality Assurance Meetings

the compliance store

The Compliance Store is the only comprehensive online regulatory compliance resource designed for long-term care. It provides anytime access to updated regulatory and government agency information.

  • Regulations – We review over 250 regulatory sites each month and provide comprehensive, accurate and timely updates.
  • Tools & Templates – We provide hundreds of easily customizable tools and templates for your convenience.
  • Newsletters – We streamline communication by providing weekly newsletters and regulatory critical alerts.