Advanced Analytics and Controls

cost containment

As costs go up and reimbursement grows tighter, you need a partner that understands your bottom line. We work with you to help you control your per patient spend, and provide you with tools to understand the true cost of care before and after admission.

  • Formulary management
  • Monthly review for accuracy with detailed analysis on request
  • Price Ceiling Notification
  • High Cost Prescription Publication
  • Price Quote on Medicare New Admit Upon Request
  • Cost Containment Recommendations
Claims Management Service
We created our Claims Management Service department specifically to manage Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and other third-party payors. Anytime a claim is rejected, you will immediately be notified with recommendations to resolve the issue.
  • Total Payor Source Management
  • Notification of non-covered medications with recommendations
  • Payor source assistance with prior authorizations, medication overrides, and other non-covered medications
  • Save thousands each month in non-covered drug costs
triage 365

Triage 365 is PharMedCo’s admission medication regimen review process to help you reduce rehospitalization and provide better care through early identification of medication irregularities.

  • Short Stay / Acute Change MRR
  • Section N compliance with no additional forms
  • Clinical Recommendations
Connect 360°
Our Connect 360° program offers you a complete view of your facility’s pharmacy health. Through regular business reviews, our Executive Account Manager will provide you with the data and analytics you need to promote informed healthcare and financial decisions.
  • Financial Reporting
    • Cost Per Patient Day (PPD)
    • Formulary Utilization
    • STATPack Usage
    • Charges Per Account
  • Clinical & Compliance
    • Antipsychotic Utilization
    • Antibiotic Stewardship
    • Unnecessary Drug Evaluation
    • Survey Results
quality assurance

As part of your Consulting Team, your Quality Assurance Coordinator will provide regular reports with data and graphic analysis of clinical efforts in your facility.

  • Performance Improvement Data
  • Drug Utilization with Trends and Benchmarks
  • Med Pass and Documentation In-Service Results